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Custom Ear Moulds & Hearing Protection

What are the advantages of custom moulded ear plugs?


Superior Comfort: Custom earplugs are moulded to the exact shape and size of your ear canal, providing a comfortable and secure fit that doesn't put pressure on your ear. They are also made from soft and flexible materials that make them more comfortable for extended wear.


Better Noise Reduction: Custom earplugs are designed to provide a better seal, which helps to block out more noise than standard earplugs. This makes them ideal for people who work in noisy environments, musicians, and individuals who are sensitive to noise.


Durability: Custom earplugs are made from high-quality medical grade silicone and are designed to last for many years. This means that they provide a cost-effective solution for individuals who need to wear earplugs on a regular basis.


Hygiene: Custom earplugs are made of medical grade silicone and easy to clean, which helps to reduce the risk of infection or irritation. This is particularly important for people who need to wear earplugs on a regular basis.


Versatility: Custom earplugs are used for: Sleeping, Swimming, Motorsport,  Music, Shooting, Industry, Military and more

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How the Process works
All of our ear impressions are performed by HCPC Registered professionals who have been trained to British Society of Audiology Standards.

We will take an impression of your ear, in order to produce custom hearing protection. The appointment takes around 30 minutes to produce moulds of both ears. We then discuss your needs and the best type of custom hearing plugs for you.

The Manufacturing Process
Once we have taken the moulds, we will discuss the various custom hearing protection options with you, and we can take care of the entire manufacturing process.

You have the choice of taking the moulds with you (for example if you have your own provider for making your custom hearing protection), or we can manage the rest of the process for you.

All ear plugs are made from non allergenic medical grade silicone. The material will last years, however we recommend new moulds every 5 years, as your anatomy can change. 

We have a wide range of colours, applications and styles. 

Custom Ear Moulds & Hearing Protection Swim Plugs
Book for your ear moulding and custom hearing plugs now for £99*
We offer advice and help choose the best plugs for your requirements during the appointment
*Some custom plugs such as those for shooting which include sonic filters will cost more than £99
If you already have a supplier for ear plugs, we can take ear impression moulds only for £35

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