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Blood Draw Service

Bring your blood testing kit to your appointment with you.

One of our trained Healthcare Staff will take a small amount of blood which is sent to a UKAS approved laboratory for testing. The appointment takes up to 15 minutes, or 30 mins if we need to use a Centrifuge

Blood Draw Service, Phlebotomy. Man Donating Blood image
Image of person after taking blood

If you have a fear of needles or suffer from fainting,

we are familiar with this and can take care of you.

There is nobody else present in the clinic room during your appointment except the clinician

If you want YPC Health to perform a blood test, e.g Advanced GP3, Wellman, Wellwoman  or Sport Performance test. Visit our blood test page here.

We are a partner for the following blood test providers

To book an appointment, use the links below:

Some Regenerus kits require use of a centrifuge, please check your kit and book accordingly.

Appointment is booked directly, contact Nationwide Pathology

Appointment is booked directly, contact Better2Know

Appointment is booked directly, contact Goodbody Wellness

If the kit you have isn't listed above, we can still perform a blood draw, book here

If you are unsure of which appointment to book, then give us a call on 0113 531 4947, we can offer advice, and book you in over the phone

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