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Hearing Tests

Our hearing tests take 20-30 mins, and are performed by a HCPC registered professional, in a controlled environment, with results issued immediately after.  Hearing tests are available for individuals and for occupational health purposes. If you would like a hearing test outside business hours, email us


Hearing Booth

We use an Amplivox 350S hearing booth to perform our hearing tests.

Certified to ISO 8253-1, the booth reduces ambient noise to no more than 57db (at 500hz), ensuring a stable controlled environment, in which to provide accurate results.

The booth features 53mm Noishield® panels, a Noise-lock® door, and a silenced ventilation system to ensure patient comfort.

The Hearing Test Process

This begins by an initial visual inspection of your ear, to ensure there is no wax build up, or foreign bodies present.

If ear wax removal is required, the hearing test will be postponed, we can offer ear wax removal at a reduced price. To begin the hearing test you will sit in the audio booth and use the ear cups and switch provided.

The test lasts up to 30 minutes.

Results are provided immediately after the test is complete.

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Occupational Health Hearing Tests

Our hearing test equipment exceeds the requirements needed for the Police,

including firearms teams.

We provide hearing tests as part of pre, during  and post employment checks.

Performing the test in an audio booth has major advantages, such as the controlled environment, over that of an onsite hearing test, which carries a higher risk of inaccurate results.

This could protect you as an employer from personal injury claims, along with the peace of mind of keeping your employees safe.

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