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Mantoux Test / Tuberculosis (TB) Test:
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Mantoux Test:

The Mantoux test, also known as the tuberculin skin test (TST), is a widely used diagnostic tool for detecting tuberculosis (TB) infection. During the test, a small amount of tuberculin, a purified protein derivative (PPD), is injected just beneath the skin's surface on the forearm. This helps evaluate the individual's immune response to the TB bacteria.

Limitations of the Mantoux Test:

While the Mantoux test is commonly employed, it does have some limitations:
False-positive results: On occasion, the Mantoux test may yield false-positive results, indicating TB infection when it is not present. This can lead to unnecessary worry and further
False-negative results: The Mantoux test can also produce false-negative results, failing to detect TB infection even when it is present. This can occur in individuals with compromised immune systems or recent TB infections.
Additionally, the Mantoux test requires at least two appointments with a healthcare professional, which may be less convenient and potentially incur additional expenses.

Blood Test
Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Blood Test and Laboratory Analysis:

To overcome the limitations associated with the Mantoux test, an alternative method involves conducting a blood test and sending the sample to a laboratory for analysis. This blood test, known as interferon-gamma release assays (IGRAs), measures the immune response

to TB-specific antigens.

When compared to the Mantoux test, blood tests sent to a lab offer several advantages:

  • Improved accuracy: Blood tests provide more accurate results, with a reduced risk of false-positive

or false-negative outcomes.

  • Immune response specificity: Blood tests assess the immune response to TB-specific antigens, providing a more targeted analysis of TB infection.

  • Convenience and speed: Blood tests sent to a lab offer quicker turnaround times compared to the Mantoux test. You will receive a documented lab report with your results. Only one appointment is required as the sample is collected and analysed in a laboratory, ensuring more efficient and reliable results.
    At our facility, we prioritize accuracy, convenience, and patient satisfaction. Therefore, we exclusively offer blood tests for TB screening, providing you with the

most reliable results.

Blood Test is £112

Alternatively you can call us on 0113 531 4947 or email us on

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