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Blood Testing with
YPC Health

There are several important reasons why you might need to get a blood test

Disease Prevention: Blood tests can identify risk factors for various diseases. For example, cholesterol levels can indicate your risk of heart disease, and blood sugar levels can reveal your risk of developing diabetes.

Symptoms and Unexplained Issues: If you're experiencing unexplained symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, or persistent pain, a blood test can provide insights into potential underlying causes.

Nutritional Deficiencies: Blood tests can identify deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, helping you make informed dietary choices or consider supplements.

Infection Detection: Blood tests can identify the presence of infections in your body, whether they're bacterial, viral, or parasitic. This information is crucial for timely and appropriate treatment.

Allergy Testing: If you suspect you have allergies, blood tests can identify specific allergens that may be triggering your reactions.

Occupational Requirements: Some jobs or industries require regular blood tests to ensure employees meet certain health standards and can safely perform their duties.

Preventative Care: Blood tests and clinical observations can identify issues before they become more serious, including high blood pressure. Many patients book to have an in-depth blood test to get a detailed look at their health.

We offer many types of blood tests, including:

  • Health Screens

  • Sports Performance

  • Genetic Tests

  • Specialised Panels

  • Custom Tests

For the comprehensive list of blood tests, including all panels, click HERE.

Donating Blood
Blood check
  • An appointment takes around 15 minutes, and results are issued by email 2-5 days after your blood test (exact turnaround time  is advised during your appointment)

  • The blood draw is performed by a HCPC Registered Healthcare Professional, usually a paramedic.

  • If you have a fear of needles or suffer from fainting, we are familiar with this and can take care of you. There is nobody else present in the clinic room during your appointment except the clinician.

To book a blood test with us:
Call us on 0113 531 4947 or email us on

Payment is normally by contactless, we also offer Clearpay and Klarna payment methods to help spread the cost of a blood test if necassary

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