About Us

We are a private health care organisation, registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which takes services into a patient’s own home where traditionally they may have to travel to a clinic or an outpatient appointment. For some patients this can be a big task, especially the elderly, those with disabilities, mobility problems and bed bound patients. It is our aim to break the norm of patients having to travel for certain aspects of their healthcare and provide a high standard of care in a patient’s own home or place of work. It seems today you can get most things in your own home such as shopping, hairdressers and even tyres fitted on your driveway. Healthcare doesn't seem to have caught up with this change in social norm quite as quickly as other sectors, which is why it is our aim to set the new standard.

We understand that certain aspects of care are still very much needed in clinics and hospitals, which would not be safe to do at home, such as invasive procedures. But other services such as health checks including blood pressure testing, electrocardiograms (ECG’s) and vaccinations can safely be carried out in a patient’s own home.

The services we provide in a patient’s own home are not only convenient for those that are more vulnerable in society but also those that are fit and well. We offer a vaccination service that provides the same level of care and the same vaccines as other clinics but provide it in your own home. This means instead of you having to cancel work or rearrange child care, you can have one of our health care professionals visit you in a location that’s convenient for you. We also offer this service to business, where traditionally they may have to send multiple members of their staff to clinics; we will travel to your business and vaccinate your staff on site. This saves valuable time in, what would have been, lost productivity as well as saves you money in paying staff wages for them to go to clinics.

We are an ever expanding company dedicated to patient care and providing services that are convenient for all our patients. If there is a certain aspect of your care which you would rather have in your own home, then please get in contact with us and we shall work together to try and improve your situation and make your life that little bit easier.