COVID-19 Testing for Groups, Organisations & Businesses

If your group, organisation or business requires people to be tested for COVID-19, we can carry out testing onsite. We can provide the testing when it's most convenient, including evenings and weekends, to cover multiple shift patterns and over multiple days if required. The testing process can be intergraded with your current occupational health services and meet HR and health and safety requirements.

With the recent easing of the lockdown, organisations are allowing some of their staff to go back to work with strict guidelines given by the health and safety executive (HSE), such as additional PPE and social distancing policies and procedures in place. They have also stated there will be random visits to organisations to ensure they are complying with the rules. Providing your staff with testing could help with meeting HSE requirements, by identifying those individuals who may have some immunity to COVID-19 as well as those who might be currently infected. We can also carry out Covid free travel certifications for those who require them to travel abroad.

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